Investment Projects

Investment Projects

We are witnessing big technology companies being created all over the world, and we believe that the market leader can appear anywhere. The talent and creativity we see globally are impressive. We work with US investors looking to grow their business internationally, as well as European investors looking for a way to expand into new markets.

We know that trust, honesty, and transparency are the basis of a good partnership with selected partners, investors, our team and we strive to build on these principles every day. This is the essence of every partnership we enter into.

Whether it is a strategic decision, a product launch, an engineering decision, to choose the right employee or partner, we have already gone through this and learned from our successes and mistakes. We share our experiences with our clients whenever we have the opportunity.

Our investment focus


Cyber security

Cybersecurity is one of the most promising areas for disruptive innovation today.

Several factors affect the long-term demand for better security technology, such as the frequency, sophistication and maliciousness of attacks, then data migration to the Cloud, a strong and lucrative black market for personal and corporate data, expanding the perimeter to include more connected devices with access to sensitive data, lack of dexterity and sufficient enterprise training to protect data and face new threats, among other rapidly evolving threats to businesses and users.


Enterprise Software

There is a huge change in the way businesses use technology that is revolutionizing the workplace and the way companies communicate with their employees and clients.

The acceleration of disruptive business applications, mobile, SaaS, big data, as well as the move to the Cloud are changing the way we work and the economic impact will be great over the next few years, creating great opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Consumer / Enterprise Crossover

The user behavior of software and internet customers is increasingly having a major impact on the enterprise technology market and vice versa.

The Evolution Fund will focus its consumer exposure in these cross-over segments. The combination of social, mobile, cloud and big data will continue to pull significant growth in all consumer segments, which is expected in the next decade.

When do we invest?

Why Gateway East?

We understand the ICT industry and can help you overcome the pressing challenges of accelerating business expansion. We will bring in complementary skills, plus all the weight of our industrial network to partner up and accelerate expansion.

We take partnerships seriously and invest in you much more than the money itself. GE is a pioneer in financial-industrial technological innovation.

We belive that good business endeavors and innovative ideas should be supported and encouraged, so we invite you to collaborate.

Active Partner

We invest significant resources to support companies in our portfolio throughout their lifecycle.

Unique network of contacts

We use our network of contacts to accelerate the path to success for our clients and partners.


Our team has the skills and experience to add value to strategy, management, IP strategy, sales & marketing, talent management, finance, M&A...

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SSCC Success Story: Majo Micovic, General Manager of Sky Express – IT business breaks all records

In the interview for the e-Kapija business portal, Mr. Majo Mićović, CEO of Sky Express and President of the SSCC, spoke about the current situation and work environment in IT industry in Serbia, business during the Covid state of emergency, and differences in business operations in Serbia and Switzerland during the pandemic.

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The Republic of Serbia is the first ranking position in the Region and 14t globalwise for information security development

According to the development of information security, the Republic of Serbia is in the highest position among the countries in the region, according to the ranking (NIST) established by the E-Government Academy of the Republic of Estonia.

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VMWare Carbon Black is recognized as Best Product Endpoint Security in the Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards.

These InfoSec Awards are in their 8th year and specifically focused on finding innovative infosec players who have a presence in the United States and other countries.

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