The Republic of Serbia is the first ranking position in the Region and 14t
globalwise for information security development

According to the development of information security, the Republic of Serbia is in the highest position among the countries in the region, according to the ranking (NIST) established by the E-Government Academy of the Republic of Estonia. In the list of 150 countries that have established information security procedures and systems, according to the national information security index, Serbia ranks at 14th place.

This fact is more significant given that, according to this ranking, Serbia is ahead of much more developed countries such as Great Britain, Switzerland, Russia, Norway, Australia, etc.

Regarding the countries of the region, Croatia ranks 37th in this list, Slovenia 38th, Bosnia and Herzegovina 50th, Northern Macedonia 69th, and Montenegro 79th.

Serbia has achieved this international recognition and high ranking in this list, by adopting the Information Security Development Strategy in the Republic of Serbia for the period 2017-2020, adopting good regulations, protecting digital services and data, responding to incidents and successfully opposing high-tech crime, etc.

However, despite the positive results in strengthening the security position of the Republic of Serbia, there are still significant challenges, risks, and threats to security itself.